Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Auntie Mo's 60th Birthday

A couple days ago all the ladies in the family went out to celebrate Chris's mother's sister's 60th birthday. It had started snowing in the middle of the day but there was just a dusting on the ground so I wasn't worried about it. I got the kids ready to drive to my mother's house to drop them off there. It took me 15 minutes to get from my house to the highway which is max a 30 second drive. Once I got to the highway I saw from the overpass that both directions were complete gridlock. I had to be at Chris's mother's house in 20 minutes for the limo to pick us up! The roads were complete ice. After some illegal traffic moves I made my way through some back roads and was able to get there in an hour (a 10 minute ride normally)!


Eventually we made our way to Arlington to pick up Maureen who had no idea she was being picked up in a limo. Once she was in we popped the champagne!


We spent the next hour or more trying to get to downtown Boston (normally a 10 minute ride). We were an hour late for our dinner reservations at Maggiano's. The food was fantastic and the service was awesome.

This picture makes me laugh so hard!

This is the whole group before running out to the theatre to see Jersey boys. Three of us didn't go to the show though and we were able to have the limo drive us back to Lynnfield before he went back in to pick them up after the show.

When I got to my mom's to pick up the kids Maddie had written her name on the chalkboard. My god, it's perfect!

Then my mom asked her to write the alphabet. I have never taught her how to write any letter besides the ones in her hame. She knew how to write every single letter, the majority completely on her own and the rest just being shown an example.
Then I pointed to a letter and asked Jackson what it was and he said "I don't nenember". He doesn't know any letters or numbers. It's amazing how different their brains are!

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K J and the kids said...

Not only is her handwriting better than most kindergartners...but she's SMART !