Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Halloween week

This year Madison wanted to be Belle for halloween. Jackson couldn't really make up his mind but ended up being a knight in shining armor.

It was a busy week leading up to the big day with lots of parties and places to visit.

The first event we had was at their school. They've been there every year since they were born but now they were actual students there. It was the first time they were wearing their costumes so I went all out on Maddie. Hair was perfect and I even put a little shimmer makeup on her.

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She was so happy!

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They play little games for small prizes and have snacks. Sophia and Alyssa were there too.

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Later in the week we went to Chris's office to visit.
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At dance class that week they wore their costumes again.

Then we had a party at Gia's house
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Then the big day came. They were having fun jumping in leaves at Nana and Papa's house.
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Grandma and Grandpa and Tillie walked over to see them.
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Before dark the neighborhood has a party so we walked down to that.
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They did awesome at the mummy game. Maddie stood still while Jackson spun around and around.
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Once it was dark it was time to go get candy! Maddie was in charge and made sure we didn't miss any houses. Lots of fun.

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