Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dance class

This week at dance class was an observation day. I stay in the lobby during class so I hear all of the songs they play around to every week but it was so cute to see what they are doing during all of the songs. All of the kids did a great job especially knowing their family was watching. Miss Lisa said they were even better than usual!


Every week I hear Miss Lisa say "Here's your favorite part Jackson!" and this week I got to see what it was. There is a part of a movement song they "dance" to that is a racing car and they run around the room pretending to drive a car. Look how happy he is!!!


Miss Lisa tried to hold Maddie's hands but she said she wanted to do it on her own.


Nana Fitzy came to observe too

as well as my mom.

We found out that the song they'll be doing for the recital is "Going to the chapel" so the girls will be wearing white dresses and Jackson will be in a little suit and top hat!!!!! I am going to be the proudest mommy that day. I'm welling up just thinking about watching them on stage. It's not til the end of June though so I have a while to go.

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