Sunday, December 05, 2010

visit to western Mass Part III

After we left Poet's Seat we went down to the Connecticut River to see if there were any pretty views. We also picked up lunch at the Shady Glen and took it back to my grandmother's house. where Jackson got his first glimpse (that he remembers) of his big cousin Tyler (my cousin's son). He's 11 and was dressed in his baseball uniform. I think Jackson was smitten. He followed him around like a little shadow and kept trying to talk to him. It was so adorable. Tyler had a baseball game that evening so we went to watch.

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While at the game Maddie wanted to take pictures again so I let her have the camera again and she took this picture of this sweet dog.
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Both of my cousins were at the game with their boys so it was great to see them. At one point Jackson said he had to poop. The bathrooms were quiet a walk away so we started to walk. We were pretty much outside the door when he stopped dead in his tracks. I instantly knew he was going in his pants. UGH. I had to call my mother on her cell phone to drive the car around to where we were so I could clean him up but then he had no clothes to wear! My mom had to take him back to my aunt's house where all of our clothes were. I felt so bad she had to take the trip. The other kids were playing at the playground while the game was going on. The playground was right next to the school where my mother and father went to high school. My mom wanted to show me the school so we went in search of an open door and found one. She took me through the auditorium and the gym and showed me the bathroom where she hid all night one time at a dance so she wouldn't have to dance with her date. It was really neat to see it and also made me sad that my kids will never see the school I went to middle school in because they tore it down about 6 years ago.

After the game was over we all went out for pizza.

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I love this picture of me and my cousins (they're sisters) and all of our kids! So cool!
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After pizza we went back to my aunt's house to go to bed! It was a LONG day.

Saturday morning we got up and the plan was to start back home and take our time driving back stopping here and there for me to take pictures. But we found out that my cousin's other son had a soccer game where Tyler was going to be so we decided to go to that. Jackson was like glue to Tyler. They played and played and Tyler was great with him. Once the game was over Jacob joined in on the fun. They had so much fun wrestling around.
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After the soccer game my aunt and uncle were going to go to a town fair in Ashfield Mass about 30 minutes away (and out of the way from home). It was a beautiful fall day and we just couldn't pass it up. They had face painting, little kiddie games, food, balloons, a petting zoo. Maddie had a few crazy meltdowns because of some balloon issues. I think one popped then when we got her a new one she asked for purple then freaked out because she wanted pink. It really wasn't pretty.

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Jackson seriously loves animals. They both do but I think Jackson is even more comfortable around them. That makes me so happy. I never wanted my kids to be scared of animals or to be annoyed by them and to see how happy animals make them makes me very happy.

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And I love this hippie guy. Ashfield had Liberal written all over it in fact I think heterosexuals were the minority there (I'm exaggerating a little but there were a ton of lesbian couples. It was so sweet to see so many happy couples).
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After we had enough we made our way back to our cars. Maddie and Jackson fell asleep immediately and we followed my aunt and uncle the very long way back to Turners Falls so we could see some pretty sights.

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Including Bill Cosby's house.
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Once back at my aunt's house we packed up and said our goodbyes.

This is the view out of her front window. Yeah, that's a cow.
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This is her driveway
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A view on the way home from Mountain Road. Sadly this was the best foliage shot I got all weekend!
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We made one more car stop on the way home at the French King Bridge. I walked out to the middle of it by myself.
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We stopped again for dinner at a great mexican restaurant in Leominster and got home so much later than we planned. It was such a fun time though and we really need to do it more often!

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