Wednesday, September 17, 2008

18 Months

From Madison and Jackson

Dear Madison and Jackson,

Life with you both has gotten very challenging. You test my sanity on a daily basis. You are SOOOO whiny. I really don’t even know what you’re whining about.
We’ve started to let you come up on our bed and we play up there. I would say it’s only a matter of time before someone falls off the bed except that it already happened. It’s a high bed too. Jackson somehow spun off when he was in back of me. He landed on the floor in a sitting position and was totally still. I think he was thinking “ummm, what just happened?” While we’re up there you both like to lay your heads down on our pillows. We’ll lay there together for .02 seconds and then you’re up again.
Jackson, you started shutting your bedroom door. You think it’s really funny. And so did we until you shut Madison’s hand in the door. Now we have to either have doors closed or propped open.
You both love to run around the house. It makes you giggle which of course makes us giggle.
You are still bad eaters. Some days I don’t know how you make it through the day on the little amount of food you eat. I can’t wait for the day that you eat whatever I make!!
You both added “Papa” to your vocabulary this weekend. Nana is very jealous, but at least you’ll be saying Nana before you say Grandma or Grandpa. Boy, did my parents get the short end of the name stick.
I absolutely cherish our time together. I wouldn’t change our schedule for the world. You both need a cuddle every once in a while. I can’t get enough of cuddling with you.

From Madison and Jackson

Dear Jackson,

You have really started to show your frustration and annoyance. When you have something you shouldn’t and we come to take it from you, you yell “OH!!!” and back away from us. You HATE to have things taken away from you. You also hate to have your clothes and diapers changed. You whine and cry through the whole thing.
You have always loved to throw balls. We always encouraged you to do so because we were proud of you but your talent doesn’t stop at balls. When you’re done with your sippy cup you chuck it across the room. God help anyone who may be standing in the path. Sadly it’s usually Madison. You also throw toys, food, and shoes with gusto. I know we created the monster but somehow we need to teach you the difference between throwing balls and everything else.
You have 4 teeth on top and 4 on the bottom.
Your favorite word is ball (bo) followed closely by car (ca) and shoe (shoesh)
You started doing this new shy face where you pucker your lips when you’re around someone new. I have to get it on camera because it’s hard to describe but so so cute.
You have started to really get yourself into trouble. If you’re quiet in another room I’ll go to look for you and always find you with something you shouldn’t have. At Grandma and Grandpa’s house you get into lots of trouble. Grandpa even gave you a time out the other day because you were being so naughty! You’ve had one time out at home so far but I see a lot more in your future. You absolutely do not listen to the word no. It’s like you didn’t hear us say it. Other times you’ll be told no then look right at us and do it again. This has got to stop!
Now that I’ve gone on and on about how naughty you can be I have to say that it just doesn’t matter. It doesn’t change how I feel about you at all. I still love you to death and wouldn’t trade you for the world!

From Madison and Jackson

Dear Madison,

Your favorite word is car (ca). Anytime you’re near a window you have to look out to see the cars and then you say it over and over again. When we’re in the car you continually say it.
You still always like to walk around with two like objects in your hands. Today a friend came over for a visit with a baby doll. You immediately grabbed it and walked around with it. Next thing I knew you came walking out of the playroom with YOUR baby doll. I hadn’t even seen it in a while so I was amazed you even knew where to find it.
I think that you don’t like your brother very much. Whenever he comes near you or tries to sit on you, you will scream and cry. I guess I can’t really blame you.
You are never in trouble. If you’re quiet in the other room and I go to check on you, you’re always just playing with a toy.
You have all your teeth. I guess the two year molars are next? I really don’t know much about baby teeth.
You are becoming more and more beautiful every day. Your curls are so springy that if I pull one down your back it’s a good 5 inches long. Nana hopes you can sing so you can play “Annie” when you get older.
You are such a sweet, gentle, sensitive little girl. The tantrums you started to have a couple months ago seem to have subsided (for now).


Wendy and Karen said...

My goodness these pictures are beautiful!

It's a wonderful update as always.

I know what you mean about the whining. It's so hard sometimes

Kateedyd said...

It is so beautiful that you are documenting them this way! I'm always so touched when I read these kinds of letters. I still have a hard time imagining what it would be like to have twins. LOL

Kateedyd What?!
Mommie’s Marbles

E, M, and the Little Man said...

Oh, these are lovely photos!! Poor Jackson he sounds as challenging as Teo right now. I think that would be so cool if Madison played Annie one day. :)

P.S. I wrote Teo's 17 month post before I read this post, and it sounds like we're going through a lot of the same thing (i.e. diaper changes! argh)

Holly said...

Wow - look how big they are getting. I love your notes to them (I may have to steal that idea one of these days - with proper credit, of course!).

They are so cute Kerry. Isn't this a wonderful age - they make you nuts one second and melt you the next!