Friday, September 26, 2008

Mike and Kristen's rehearsal

We brought the kids to the rehearsal even though they weren't in the wedding.  There were two kids in the wedding so what's two more?  Madison and Jackson had a ball running around the church.  Eventually someone suggested I bring them outside.  Out in the hall there were stairs that the kids wanted to climb up and down.  I had to stop them which caused screaming so then I had to take them outside to the playground where they both fell down and got bumps on their heads.  We would have been better off inside the church!

The boys

The girls

After the rehearsal we went to Kowloon for dinner.  The place was crowded and loud and I don't think M&J liked it very much.  They cried if we put them in the high chair, if we put them down to walk around, if we held them.  It was miserable for us.  I tried to call my mother to see if she could come an pick them up so we could at least eat some food and enjoy a drink but I couldn't get in touch with her.  We took turns scarfing down food then had to leave.
Madison was literally covering her ears.  I was laughing because I didn't realize she knew to do that.

The two minutes he was happy in the high chair.  Oh yeah, and they wouldn't eat ANYTHING!

Kisses from Uncle Mike

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