Friday, September 26, 2008

Last night went something like this

12:20 - home from work.  everyone is asleep perfect time to post some blog posts.
2:00 - decide to go to bed
2:30 - still awake.  jackson starts to cry
3:00 - jackson still crying.  go in and pick him up.  he calmed right down and rested on me. 
3:15 - attempted to put him back in the crib but he cried waking up madison.  figured it would be less traumatic on all of us if we just got up and hung out for a little while.
3:45 - all back to bed
4:00 - still awake
4:15 - woke up to madison crying.  brought her in bed with us.
4:20 - jackson starts to cry.  brought him to the couch with me.
6:30 - hear chris's alarm.  snooze on and off til 7.  
are you kidding me???
they have been waking up the last week or so in the middle of the night but usually just go back to sleep.  i refuse to let the 18 month sleep regression happen.  you hear me??  NO SLEEP REGRESSIONS ALLOWED!!!


Eva said...

Ugh. You must be exhausted.

I hate to sound like the mean mommy, but... my experience is that it's best to never pick someone up at night unless it's an emergency (dirty diaper, vomit in crib...). Once I start picking them up, they know that if they cry, I'll come pick them up to play or snuggle, and so they do it more. So I try to wait a few minutes to see if they'll settle, and if not, go in, reblanket, pat their back, and tell them I'm tired and I need to go back to sleep. Sometimes I have to go back in and out for a while, but it does help in the long run at our house. Good luck at your house!

Wes & Rae Leytham said...

Oh NO! Is there an 18-mo sleep regression? Please tell me NO!

I also try not to pick Avery up, but 30 minutes is a long time. I would feel that there is a reason for her to be awake that long. hmmm. Sorry you had a rough night and morning.