Saturday, September 27, 2008

Play date

Thanks to Facebook, I've gotten in touch with so many people that I haven't seen since high school or college.  Shari is one friend I've gotten together with.  She told me that she had contacted our friend Carlyn and that she was coming over to her house with her baby.  She invited me too but didn't tell me that Carlyn didn't know I was coming!  She almost fell over when she saw me.  Her daughter is absolutely adorable and didn't make a peep the whole time they were there.  Carlyn is a very talented artist/illustrator/author.  You can see her work at her website and even buy her books.  It was great to catch up and she hasn't changed a bit!  She was the one friend of ours that didn't have big 80s hair.  HAHA  I have pictures of Shari and Carlyn too but they haven't been approved :-)

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