Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kristen's Bachelorette Party

Chris planned Mike's bachelor party for the week before the wedding. The guys played golf in the morning then had a cookout at Eileen and Bruce's house in the afternoon. I went over there with the kids to hang out for a bit and get something to eat while the guys filled up on beer. Eventually the girls started to arrive while we all waited for our respective limos to take us out. My dad was at the cookout and wastn't planning on going out for the adult entertainment portion of the evening so he took the kids home to his house to take care of them while Chris and I went out.

Father of the Bride, Steve manning the grill

Maddie giving kisses to cousin out Lindsey, looks like you have a little competition, but don't worry, you know Jackson loves you.

Chris, The Groom in appropriate attire, and cousin Danny

Chris and Newlywed Adam

Rhinnan drinking out of a penis straw, and The Bride

In the limo on the way to eat dinner. Bridesmaid Melissa, Aunt Karen, Bridesmaid Courtney

The Bride and friend Vic

The crew before heading into Boston for a night of dancing in a club that was WAY too hot. For those of you that don't know, I HATE to dance. I like to couple dance (especially swing) but not club type dance. I just know I look ridiculous and everyone is looking at me thinking "UGH! why is that girl dancing, she looks ridiculous!" So I usually just don't do it. I'd rather take pictures anyway. But that night I danced! And no one boo-ed me off the dance floor...either that or it was too loud for me to hear the boo-ing. Anyway, I had a lot of fun even though I wasn't crazy about going out dancing. I think Kristen had a great time too and that's all that matters anyway.

I had the limo drop me off at my parents' house and I spent the night there. Maddie happened to wake up crying when I got home so I went in and got her and brought her to bed with me. We both laid there awake for a good hour. She was pointing at my nose and hugging her bear. Next thing I knew her feet were in my face, she was singing and it was 9am. SWEET! I let her off the bed and she went to the window to look at the cars (above).

Since Chris got off the limo and puked he stayed at his parents' house. He drove home early in the morning and proceed to puke and sleep until 10pm when he slept through the night.


E, M, and the Little Man said...

Sounds like fun, except for the puking part. :)

Weeze said...

haven't you seen most of the crazy people "dancing" in those clubs? I am sure you were MUCH better than most of the drunk people that end up there think they are the sh*t!!! (or at least everyone is good at dancing when you've had enough to drink)