Sunday, September 07, 2008

Labor Day cookout

I'm finally getting around to looking at my pictures from last weekend.

Every Labor Day weekend the Gloucester crew has a cookout at Stage Fort Park overlooking the ocean.  For three years before the kids were born Chris and I didn't make it to the cookout because we worked at the golf tournament every day all day.  Once we had kids we wanted to make a point to not work the tournament the day of the cookout so they could experience it.  Last year the cookout got changed to a different day at the last minute so we weren't able to make it.  Unfortunately it was Great Nana's last cookout and we missed it.  She died a few days later.

So this year was the kids' first Labor Day cookout.  They enjoyed it a lot even though they didn't sleep all day although Jackson did end up passing out in the stroller on the third walk/attempt to get them to sleep.  He didn't stay asleep long.

Jackson throwing a ball.  I love how you can see it and the expression on his face.  He throws a ball equally well with his left and his right hand.

Jackson and a football.  The kid just loves balls (there's just no way to say that without snickering like a teenager).  It's even one of his favorite words to say. 

"hey quinny, you think those burgers are done?"  "i'm not sure dana, i think we should ask chris."

After a long time of the kids not sleeping I got out the pack-n-play to see if they would with any luck lay down in it.  Of course luck was not on our side.

They jumped, played, and laughed hysterically at each other and everyone around.

Auntie bought Jackson new shoes while she was taking care of him last weekend.  Everyone loves them especially Jackson.  Every morning he brings them to me to put on him then he runs to the door like we're going outside.  Then of course he cries when we don't.

The rest of the photos can be seen here including the horseshoe tournament and the egg toss contest.


Wes & Rae Leytham said...

all those pics are cute, but I laughed out loud when I got to the PNP ones. I can just see them bouncing off the PNP walls and entertaining the crowd! I love the one of M's squished face. That one will definitely have to make the slideshow to show her first boyfriend or at her wedding (in 25 years). J's shoes ROCK!

D said...

I just LOVE Jackson's outfit. Wherever did you find it? ;)

Kerry Lynn said...

Thank you D!!! It's one of our favorites.