Wednesday, December 17, 2008

21 Months

Dear Madison and Jackson,

We finally started going to play groups and story times this past month. It's something I always wanted to do with you but for some reason never got around to doing it. We first tried story time at the Lynnfield Library. It's a class for newborn and toddlers so no one is really paying attention. One time we got there a little late and the story had already started. Madison walked right through the kids sitting nicely on the rug and stood right in front of the book. Meanwhile Jackson ran into another part of the room where there are some toys. Last week I had to chase him through the entire library because he escaped from the kid's section. The other thing we've done is turf tots at an indoor soccer field. It's got tons of balls and baseball bats and crawl tunnels and bouncy houses. It's such a great place for you to run around and get some exercise. I love to observe you so rather than following you both around I sit in one place and see what you do on your own. You are both comfortable enough to leave me and go all the way to the other end of the field but you do both come back frequently for a cuddle. Last week Santa was there but you weren't too happy with him holding you.

You are both talking so much. We pretty much always know what you're saying. You both point at things constantly and proudly yell out their name. When you can't say a word you both say "da".

You are both obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or anything Mickey. Sadly this month we have taken advantage of it. It just seems that if Mickey isn't on you both just whine the whole time. One can only take that for just so long.

You both go to bed and nap on command now. This has been such a wonderful progression. No more crying for 5 minutes before you collapse and fall asleep. You both lay right down on your pillow clutching your stuff ed animals and let us cover you with the quilts that Gia's mom made for you that match the pillows. You both usually chat and laugh for about 15 minutes before the room is silent. I love to listen to what you are babbling about.

Your second Christmas is next week. We've been talking a lot about santa and saying "ho ho" but I'm sure you still have no idea that he is going to be bringing presents to the house for you to open. Daddy has been very excited looking around for things that Santa can get for you. It's a good thing Santa buys all the toys because we'd go broke buying all the things Daddy wants to buy. I know you'll have fun opening presents this year and hopefully you'll be just as interested in what's inside the box rather than just the box like last year.
You both are so much fun and I'm so blessed to have you in my life.
Love, Mommy

Dear Jackson,

You've had a cold for a few days now. I'm sure you got it from one of our play groups. Daddy doesn't want me taking you guys to those places because of the germs the other kids bring in. I can see his point but you guys NEED to get out of the house and interact with other kids!

You are really a snuggle bug and nothing makes me happier than to have you run across the room into my arms and have you put your head on my shoulder. You'll relax there for a minute then run off to push your truck around.

You are talking just about as much as your sister. You will repeat just about everything she does but she tends to babble more than you do. I'm sure that's a sign of what the rest of our lives will be like. I've been hearing you say certain things over and over but was never quite sure what you were saying. One thing is "wher de go?" You would say it a lot then one day we realized you were asking where something had gone. You say it about people leaving the room, a song ending, or if a bird or car goes out of sight. Just today Nana and I realized that you've been saying "oh man". You actually say "oh meea". It's said when something doesn't go quite like you intended like if you try to put something somewhere and it falls over.

Your eating habits have not improved at all. You like apple sauce, graham crackers, animal crackers, blueberries, the roasted chickens from the grocery store. If we offer something to you too many times you won't eat it anymore. You are very challenging in that department.

I can't believe how in love with you I am. You literally fill my heart with joy.

Love, Mommy

Dear Madison,

You are pretty independent for the most part but you do enjoy sitting on our laps to read a book or watch a show. You are such a good, sweet, thoughtful girl. You enjoy feeding us some of what you're eating or giving kisses spontaneously. You always stop what you're doing if we say no. You always follow directions. You love to help out and throw things in the trash. Last week you carried a light grocery bag all the way from the car, up the walkway, up the stairs and into the house! You are eager to please. I hope we don't look back on this one day and laugh.

You are pretty much always talking. Even when watching a show you are constantly naming everything you see. This month you said "bye daddy". As if you didn't already have him wrapped around your little finger, now you can get away with murder. I'll never forget the look on his face and his reaction when you first said it. It was the sweetest thing. His heart melted in a puddle right there on the floor. You also repeat I love you "ah wha". For the longest time you would walk around saying "micka wow". It just dawned on us a couple weeks ago that you're saying Mickey Mouse!

You eat a little better than your brother but still not where I would think you should be.

You are such a fabulous little girl and ah wha very very much.

Love, Mommy

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