Sunday, December 21, 2008

Nichole's 4th birthday party

Her birthday party party was at one of those warehouse type places with all the blow up bouncy houses.  I'm sure it was a blast for all the kids who showed up on time.  We were 45 minutes late and I can't even blame it on the snow.  Madison and Jackson enjoyed 5 minutes of bouncing then it was on to cake and ice cream. 

{Jackson in the middle of saying "ball"}

{Notice the boy to the right trying to help Nichole blow out her candles!}

Madison and Jackson LOVED the hula hoops

This picture cracks me up.  Jackson refused to sit with the rest of the group.

After cake Nichole opened her presents then they turned off the lights and turned on the mirror balls.  Everyone danced to the music then it was time to go.  All the kids had a blast.

I put the rest of the photos here

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