Monday, December 08, 2008

If I were a rich girl

My ifriend Gemini Girl did a post about what she would do if she won millions of dollars in the lottery. I have to admit I think about this all the time even though I never play the lottery. I know you can't win if you don't play but I just can't see throwing the money away. I'm just not a gambler. In some ways my head is in the clouds (the joys of being a Pisces) but in other ways I'm extremely practical (like my dad a Leo).

BUT, if I were to win millions of dollars I would in no particular order...

  • buy a beautiful big house on the ocean

  • pay off my immediate families' and best friends' mortgages

  • buy the front page of the boston globe to advertise klg productions and maybe a billboard

  • buy a new car for me and one for chris

  • put lots of money away for the kids' education

  • I wouldn't necessarily quit my job because I really like getting out of the house every night!

What would you do?

(When we were in NYC we were in contact to try to meet up but it just didn't work out. I really wanted to meet her!)


Anonymous said...

i want to meet you too!!!
please come back when it's warm! we'll take the kids to central park!

Stacie said...

Ok. No fair. I want to come, too! Wouldn't that be a sight?!

Love the list. Wonder what that means that I didn't think about putting money into my boys' college fund? Hm. Maybe I should add that. (and I do expect them to go, too!)