Sunday, December 21, 2008

My big girl

How do I have a baby that is old enough to sit on a stool like that?

I bought their potties a while back.  They were very interested in them at first but the newness quickly wore off.  Since then they've been collecting dust (literally).  Tonight I saw Madison playing with hers.  I asked her if she wanted to take her diaper off and sit on it.  She got very excited so I took off the diaper and she sat on the potty.  I got her to stay there for quite a while (probably 10 minutes) by reading a book with her.  She eventually got antsy and got off.  I put her diaper back on and within 2 minutes she grabbed her diaper and said "POOP!"  Damn, we were so close!  So she was so happy with her potty that she wanted to sleep with it.  And we let her.  If for no other reason than for me to get this photo...

Also today my daughter said "Ah wha, mama" (translation: I love you, mama) TWICE!  She is such a sweetheart!!!

Jackson's cold is pretty much gone.  It never got worse than a runny nose.  But now Madison has the runny nose.  Poor girl's nose and upper lip are red from us wiping it so much.  I put some aquaphor on it tonight to see if that would help.

Their newest obsession is the movie Cars.  They still like Mickey but specifically ask for Cars  now.  


Wendy and Karen said...

The exact same thing with Kylie and the potty. She was interested for about a week and then grew very resistant to going. Just yesterday, she asked to go again.

Hope your little one's colds are better! Happy Holidays!

D said...

Cars! Welcome to my world! I could quote the movie, but I'll hold back!

E, SS and the Little Man said...

That movie Cars is like a cult. We don't own it, I don't know if Teo has ever seen it (the kids must talk about it at daycare but she doesn't have the movie there either), yet he asks to watch it all the time. He also recognizes any Cars merchandise in any store instantly. Scary.