Friday, December 05, 2008

Last Friday

There is a local indoor sports place with batting cages and an indoor soccer field. Last year I found out that they have a toddler play time a few times a week. I really wanted to go but for some reason just never made the commitment. We finally went last Friday. It was awesome! It cost $7 for all of us to get into the soccer field that is filled with balls, crawl tunnels, and a couple of small bouncy houses. There were quite a lot of other kids there and it was just such a great experience for M&J to run around free. 
I was able to sit down in the middle of the field and watch them go crazy but running back to me for the occasional cuddle. 
The only thing I had to worry about was them (and by them I mean Jackson) taking other peoples' things from the sidelines like coffee cups. They each had a couple meltdowns that I thought might be the end of our visit but they always recovered and went back to some activity. Jackson definitely had fun but when we opened the door to the field to get out he BOLTED.

After playing we went to harvard square for lunch with Shauna and Alison and 2.5 month old baby Caitlin. 

We went to the garage (a food court-y place) and scarfed down lunch while M&J wandered around. There weren't any highchairs (not that they would have stayed in them anyway) and of course didn't want to stay in the stroller. I horrified Alison with letting them eat chips that had fallen on the floor. I just can't see stressing over that stuff. Jackson was actually being good by sitting in a chair at the table with us and eating chips. After a while we realized he was putting the chips to his forehead. Then he began to crush the chips on his forehead. It was hilarious and people at the table next to us were watching him and laughing too. He wasn't doing it for the attention either, he was very focused on what he was doing.

I noticed that Caitlin got all the attention from strangers while we were out. It's like once babies hit a certain age strangers don't care about them. Not that Caitlin didn't deserve the attention! She's such a sweetie and was perfectly behaved the whole time we were out. She never made a peep!  But hello??  my kids are cute too!  :-)

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