Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Playing with my new flash

All of the following photos were taken with my new flash.  Some need a bit of work but they were too cute so I needed to share.

This thing Jackson is doing with his lips is how he walks around most of the day.  It cracks me up.

This is Jackson sulking because I raised my voice at him for throwing something he shouldn't have and our house in absolute shambles after Christmas.

Baby plumber's crack

The tool set was a big  hit

Madison's new super cool Wonder Woman shirt from Auntie Courtney

"Where's your belly??"

I did a comparison shot of our tree.  The middle one is the one with the new flash.  The shadows are so much softer and nicer.  I just love it.


Daddy said...

I like the tree on the far left the best...

Wes and Rae Leytham said...

Why does he have to be so difficult?!!?!?

Wendy and Karen said...

I love the pictures of the kiddos. I can practically hear them playing in your pictures. I like the new flash; it is much softer.