Friday, December 19, 2008


I took the kids into work yesterday because Santa came in to visit.  M&J didn't want anything to do with him again.  But we still had fun running around and eating candy canes.

The caption says "Seriously Jocelyn, that sweater is super tacky".  The office had a tacky sweater contest and Jocelyn won.

Jackson took that candy cane right off the christmas tree that was next to Santa.  He started to suck on it and ended up getting right through the wrapper.  He scarfed the thing down once I took the wrapper off.

How cute is she???

These pictures were taken at home before going into the office...

Chris's Aunt Karen bought Madison this adorable tutu and headband.  Nana brought it over and we put it right on her.

Just another picture from the 17th


Wendy and Karen said...

OMG! So, so cute!

I want Madison's dresses so much it hurts!

Shannon said...

I love Madison's headband! Too cute.

Carson loves candy canes too. He takes them off our tree and somehow manages to get the wrapper off.