Monday, December 01, 2008


I'm going to be an Auntie times TWO!  Both of my sisters-in-law got married this year and are both now pregnant!  They are 5 days apart due next July.  How crazy is that?  So 3 of the 4 weddings I went to are already adding to the family.

Yesterday Maddie said "bye daddy" clear as a bell more than once as Chris was leaving the house. His heart just melted. If I'm remembering correctly I believe this is the first two word phrase for either of them. They do repeat I Love You but it's more like "ah-woo" so I don't think that counts. I think they think ILoveYou is one word.

Jackson has started this hysterical pout thing. We are forever saying "no" to him or as I like to do; tell him what TO do like "leave the cup on the table" rather than saying "don't throw the cup" 1000 times a day. Until now he would just continue doing whatever it was that we didn't want him he couldn't even hear us talking. Now when we correct his behavior he stops what he's doing, squeals "NO", then proceeds to lay down on the floor on his belly with his face to the floor. He lays there for about a minute then gets up and moves onto something else. We have never made him do this so I have no idea where he got it. It's so funny though and so hard not to laugh at him.

Today the kids were occupied for 45 minutes playing with baby wipes.  It was fabulous!

The kids have been pretty good with the ornaments on the tree.  The first day it was up there was a lot teaching going on and by teaching I mean us yelling NO!  But the next day was better and so on.  Today I went to the bathroom and heard some clanging.  I yelled "You better not be touching the tree!!!"  I came out as quickly as I could to find the kids not near the tree.  I thought, "oh good".  On closer inspection I found they were each clutching a coveted red ball in their hands.  They gave them up without a fight but I found that one was broken!  I think I found all the glass.  Since then they haven't tried to touch it again.

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Stacie said...

Congrats on being an auntie. How exciting that they'll be so close in age.

Didn't you know tht baby wipes are super entertaining? :-) My boys jockey for them every time they are near!