Sunday, December 21, 2008

Grandma's house

Grandma made cookies :-) 

My parents' house is like a museum.  It was built in 1667 and they have it decorated impeccably.   Everywhere you look is a fabulous photo waiting to be taken.  

My mom told me about this shot...looking from her kitchen into the living room you can see the reflection of the tree.  Not bad a bad eye, Mom.

My parents bought the house in 2006 from the Spear family who had owned the house and the many many acres of farm land since the early 1950s.  The Spears adored the house and kept it in pristine condition.  Unfortunately by 2006 most of the land had been sold off to developers so the house now sits on 2 acres.  I know the Spears had sheep on the land but I'm not sure if there was anything else.  Anyway, Mr. Spear who bought the house in the early 50's had a brother in the town next door, Wakefield.  The brother owned a dairy farm.  The bottle above was found in the Lynnfield house.

Probably like most people, my parents' Christmas tree is decorated with ornaments from the past.  A lot were made by me when I was little and a lot were made by my mother.  The above angel was one of my fabulous creations.  Below is the back of it.

This was an ornament that our 4th grade teacher helped us make.  I actually remember her taking me out into the hallway to take this picture.  I was wearing a Laura Ingalls dress that my mother made for me.

Madison spent the whole time we were there looking at the ornaments on the tree.  My mom was teaching her what everything was and she remembered everything.  She was just fascinated with everything and was so gentle with it all.  It was really sweet.

Chris's parents' tree is decorated with ornaments that Nana G. bought for Chris, Mike, and Courtney every year.  It's really such a nice thing that she did for them.  

Chris and I started living together in 1998.  I think our parents thought that we would want to take our ornaments with us but we both agreed that they belonged on our parents' trees where they had always been.  Since then our tree has been strictly decorated with a decided upon color scheme.  At first it was silver & gold, then for a few years we had blue & green.  This year we went with red & gold.  I suppose when the kids start making stuff we'll put that up but for now it looks like a sample tree in a store.

These candles are in every window of my parents' house.

{I just took this picture today}

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