Thursday, December 11, 2008


Apparently my blog stalkers (Hi, Bruce's friends) are rioting in the streets due to lack of posts and pictures. Since I just can't have that kind of negative attention created by my blog here are some pictures.

Recently in the last couple weeks the kids have been going to bed so easily for Chris.  He says "OK, time for bed" and the two of them walk right into the room and actually try to CLIMB into their crib!  They lay down on their pillow, grab their respective animals and Chris covers them with the blanket.  I got to witness it over the weekend and it was so cute to see them there with smiles on their faces.  Since then I've been saying it before nap time and it's been working!  But now I know why they are smiling.  It's because as soon as I close the door they strip off the blanket, throw everything out of their crib and start bouncing!  They eventually go to sleep though.

I took some pictures in the kitchen yesterday.  Jackson started off not very cooperative. 

The natural light coming in was crazy and ended up making Madison look like Danny Bonaduce (thanks for pointing that out, mom).

Here's a cuter one in her santa hat (yes, nana, she has a binky.  i tried to take it out and she cried).


Anonymous said...

My girls never took to the pacifier. I so wanted them to for a long time, to well... quiet them down! But I guess it's a good thing they refused to take it.

They are adorable!

I love the old man wearing an "Aged cheese" hat.

E, SS and the Little Man said...

Danny Bonaduce...LMAO!