Thursday, March 12, 2009

2 years ago today

The kids and I were out in the yard playing today.  As usual they made their way to the back where the hammock is.  The three of us swung in the hammock for a minute.  They were laying on top of me and it was so wonderful.  Then I had a sudden flashback to me laying in the same hammock when I was pregnant.  A photographer had come to the house to capture my massive belly on camera.  I then realized that it was exactly 2 years ago today...just 4 days before I went into labor!

I can't find the CD of photos that she sent me.  The only ones I have are the ones I actually posted on the blog.  Some of you have seen them but some may have not.

I wish I could find the others.  They were all so good.

This one was taken on my kitchen floor

This one was on my bed.  My belly was so big at that point that when I sat indian style the bottom of my belly touched whatever I was sitting on.

This was in my front yard.  My mom had come over at the end of the shoot to take me to an OB checkup

I remember the last week of being pregnant was very hard emotionally.  I'm sure that hormones had a lot to do with it but I would cry at the drop of a hat.  On the day before I went into labor I had an absolute meltdown.  I had been on bedrest for 8 weeks at that point and I just wanted to get out of the house.  My friend Donna was working down the street from my house at the time so I called her in tears asking if she would come take me out for lunch.  10 minutes later we were at a little pizza place down the road.  It was exactly what I needed.  The next night I held my babies.

The last two years have gone by in the blink of an eye and it absolutely breaks my heart.  I know there are a lot of wonderful times ahead but the fact that I will never hold my little babies again is too sad to even think of.

We're having a party at our house on Sunday.  Last year we went all out and basically invited everyone we knew.  This year is quite a bit smaller.  I can't wait to see the cakes I ordered!


K J and the kids said...

Those are GREAT and I don't think you look GIGANTIC with twins. You just look healthy.
I hope you find the CD to post the other pictures.
Thanks for sharing

Wendy and Karen said...

Two years with twins. You are simply amazing!

Courtney said...

I was just remembering my own journey. My how fast time has flown by!

Happy Birthday M and J!!!!!!!