Sunday, March 01, 2009

Our outdoor playplace (well, not really)

Last Friday it was relatively warm out so I figured it would be fun to walk to the park in our front yard (I'm definitely planning on cutting a hole in our fence this spring so we don't have to walk all the way down our driveway, out to the main street, down the main street and finally into the entrance of the park.
I wasn't anticipating the puddles of continuing melting snow or the absolute grossness of the playground that is there.  It's so sad because this is such a convenient place for us to go.  I'm pretty sure the city would tell me to go take a hike if I was to complain about it.  I'm sure the vandalism would be back the day after they replaced the structure and that's probably why they don't bother.  It's not like our city is even that bad but it looks like this park is in the ghetto!  But you know what?  The kids didn't care one bit.

There were puddles to splash in

Things to climb (I believe there is supposed to be a slide coming out of that round hole at the top??)

The stairs still worked

And so did the slide

In this shot you can see our house in the distance.  There are ball fields between our house and the playground.  Also visible is the monster puddle with ice lurking just below the surface that both kids fell prey to.

This is our house (zoomed in from the above photo)(outlined in red).  This is the only way you can get a full on front view of the house because it is set sideways on the lot and you can't step back enough from it without bumping in to the fence.  It was built in 1800.  We bought it in 2000 and it is now in desperate need of new siding and part of the roof.  It looks like it would have a  second floor but it doesn't.

Maddie with her soaking wet pants from falling in that puddle

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