Saturday, March 14, 2009

I found them!

I headed up to the attic to see if I could find the cd of photos.  I did, along with a stack of thank you notes that I wrote out but never sent.  Chris has a tendency to put my stuff away if it's out too long.  So if you gave me a gift around the time the babies were born and didn't get a thank you note it's all Chris's fault.

This photo is framed above Maddie's crib.  A few others that she took are hanging on the wall too.  A lot of times when I go to get them up from a nap or in the morning they enthusiastically point to one of the photos and exclaim "MAMA!!!"  Then point to the next and say it again.

I had forgotten about this photo and it's one of the ones Lindsey has in her gallery.  Girl Kitty looks perfect.  If you think getting into the tub and laying down is easy at 36 weeks pregnant with twins you are sorely mistaken.  It was worth it though :-)

So I put the rest of the photos in my gallery
Lindsey Light was the photographer and she got so many awesome shots.  I peaked at her website today since two years ago she was just starting out.  It's very nice and a lot of my belly shots are in her gallery and a few of our newborn session are in there too.  It's very flattering and exciting to see your picture up as an example.  


K J and the kids said...

Awesome !!

E, SS and the Little Man said...

Seems like only yesterday we were pregnant, then other times it seems so far away. Anyway, I love the bathtub one and the one with the heart hands is fab too!

E, SS and the Little Man said...

Oh, and Maria puts my stuff away too, and it drives me crazy.:)