Monday, March 16, 2009

Pre-Birthday Party

My Aunt and Uncle had come up from Hartford for the party on Sunday so Saturday night my parents had dinner at their house.  My other Aunt also came with her boyfriend and her son came with his family.

My dad broke out the tractor and my cousin's son Ben was pretty excited to drive it around.  That's his brother Jack in the back.

Jack and Jackson

The sleds were out on the back deck and Jackson was desperate to go sledding.  He brought it down to the lawn on his own and sat down and whined!  The poor kid!


Jackson and Madison was loving the big kids, watching their every move and trying to figure things out.
The boys brought this cool rocket toy that M&J absolutely loved.  They couldn't step on the air thingie hard enough to send the rocket in the air.  But Ben did it once and sent a rocket up into a tree about 80 feet in the air where it remains today.

This next series of pictures had me in stitches.  Jack started to roll down the hill and Jackson was determined to do it too.  

So he got down on the ground and tried...

and tried...

and tried...

and tried...

and tried...

...and failed.  He was flailing around and absolutely cracking me up.

Maddie was just running down the hill.
Getting them to come inside for dinner was awful!  Oh, the tears.

Uncle Dave (my dad's brother) teasing the kids

My mom had a birthday cake for M&J.  They liked the singing.

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