Wednesday, March 04, 2009

This and That

Maddie woke up with a very high fever on Monday morning along with a constantly dripping nose and a scratchy voice. She had her motrin throughout the day which totally helped but her poor face was red by the end of the day from me wiping her nose. I was even using a wet cloth rather than dry tissues. A little aquaphor overnight and it cleared right up. Monday was an absolute nightmare because Maddie would NOT go to sleep. She stayed up ALL day. I couldn't even take any time to rock her to sleep because Jackson was all over me. When Chris got home he went in their room with Maddie and rocked her to sleep while I dealt with Jackson. He got her to sleep only to have her wake up when he put her in the crib. UGH, so she stayed up. Chris's mom ended up coming over so I could go to work. He was able to rock Maddie to sleep (putting her in her crib like we always do resulted in hysterics) for bed and successfully got her in the crib. The tricky part came when Jackson had to go to bed because lately he's been not going down without crying. Chris didn't want to wake Maddie so Jackson slept with us.

Sunday night Maddie slept with us

Monday and Tuesday night Jackson slept with us.

Wednesday morning Jackson woke up with the scratchy voice and runny nose. No fever though. Everyone seemed to be feeling well enough so we went to the grocery store since our fridge was completely empty! They both had their standard 2-5 nap today but Jackson woke up in a very cranky mood. I'm sure he won't sleep through the night tonight so we'll have another mini bed partner.

One of my mother's favorite stories to tell of me revolves around how she was always trying to teach me to be responsible for myself. When I was little I took swim lessons at the Y in Oswego, NY. I was probably 6 but my mother insisted that *I* pack my bag and suffer the consequences if I forgot something. Well, wouldn't you know one day I forgot my towel. She handed me paper towels and said "You won't forget your towel again will you?" I guess I just didn't learn. Tonight, 30 years later, at the Y I had to dry off with paper towels. Fun stuff.
I was also responsible for getting myself out of bed in the morning for school.  She never nagged me to be ready at a certain time.  It was all up to me to get up, get myself ready and out the door to the school bus.  If I missed the school bus I had to walk to school...which wasn't even close to close.  Even in the dead of Oswego winters with literally 12 feet of snow on the ground, I had to walk to school.  Uphill both ways.  One day in high school after we had moved to Massachusetts I had yet again missed the bus.  I'm going to guess the high school was 5 miles away and yes, she made me walk.  Only this day a police officer pulled over to find out what I wasn't doing in school.  I explained and ended up getting a ride to school in a police car.  I really never learned the lesson to get up on time.  I'm just not a morning person.

If we spell out Madison's name on the magnadoodle she can say all the letters without us telling her what they are. Even if we spell them individually in no particular order she gets them right. Although she does think the O is a D. Guess they look similar.

What's up with my lack of comments lately? I mean I posted some really cute pictures and stories in the last week and nothing! I know one of my regulars was on a cruise last week so she's off the hook but the rest of you...what the heck?


Stacie said...

Guilty as charged here. I have been sucking big time with commenting. Sorry about that.

Hoping everyone feels better soon!


P.S. I am totally not a morning person either. I swear I am doing good to get to work just before the kids enter. Lately, I've been "tardy" to my own class twice! (shhhh. don't tell on me!)

K J and the kids said...

That sounds all too familiar...the fever, runny nose, aquaphor.
Hope everyone is feeling better.

I always wondered if that would help a child be more responsible. It's good to know that it didn't in your case. I won't try that method now. Not that I was going to, but I would have always thought about it.

E, SS and the Little Man said...

Don't I get any credit for my comment on the indoor playplace? :)

Shannon said...

One of your regulars? Haha That sounds so hooker/John-ish. :)

I hope you guys feel better soon. Mark has reinfected the entire household with yet another damn cold. I swear that should be grounds for divorce.