Tuesday, March 17, 2009

24 Months

I just don't even have the words.  I never knew two years could pass so quickly even though everyone warned me.  These kids make me so happy on a daily basis and I just can't remember what our life was like before them.

  • Says "bu boy" (good boy) after doing just about anything
  • Says "AW" after giving something to Madison or hugging something
  • Eats apple sauce, yogurt, goldfish, puffins and that's about it
  • Sleeps very well, 9 pm - 8 am and takes a great nap from 2-5
  • Loves to go bye bye
  • Loves to wrestle with us
  • Hits the kitty too much
  • Loves to cuddle with Mommy
  • Loves it when Daddy says he's going to "get" him

  • After a long winter indoors he hates to come inside
  • Has started replying "YEAH!" when asked a question no matter what it is
  • Hasn't put two words together yet except for "I did it!" which I think he thinks is one word
  • Loves baby dolls, balls, cars, trucks, the little people garage, to push around a stroller
  • Absolutely melts Mommy's heart
  • Loves to hop around
  • Literally repeats EVERYTHING you say 
  • Sleeps very well, 9 pm - 8 am and takes a great nap from 2-5
  • Eats a variety of things

  • Loves to play with puzzles and amazes me that she can do them
  • Still gets me with her laugh...it's so cute and sincere and unique
  • Loves to play with cars
  • Now has to sleep with "daddy's bear", "too bear", "mama's bear", minnie, mickey, pillow, blanket
  • Makes sure that Jackson has his mickey to sleep with
  • Is very particular about doors being closed

  • Loves to go bye bye
  • Started getting what we think are hives in the past week but we don't know what is causing them
  • Is finally wearing size 18 month pants
  • Amazes us daily at how smart she is
  • Has Daddy wrapped around her little finger
  • Is Mommy's favorite little peanut
  • Will never get over how fast the last two years have gone by
  • Never dreamed she would love them so much
  • Is aware how blessed she is to have two healthy and happy children
  • Loves to hear them chat and laugh and jump in their cribs after being put down to sleep
  • Is happy to have a little more independence during the day to get things done
  • Is the luckiest Mommy on the planet to have these two little people as her children


Stacie said...

What a sweet post!

K J and the kids said...

And next you will be crying because they are five.
Very cute pictures.

Wes and Rae Leytham said...

Oh my goodness! Where did the time go? The post is great and I love the pics. My fave is the last one of Maddie!

E, SS and the Little Man said...

Happy birthday, M&J!