Sunday, March 22, 2009

Play date with Max

Gia and Max met us at Bonkers last week.  The kids hadn't seen each other in quite a while and I was amazed to see that Max is almost as tall as Jackson, the same height as Maddie, weighs 4 pounds MORE than Jackson and 9 pounds MORE than Maddie and he's almost a year younger!  Crazy!  He's such a good boy and they all had fun playing together.

After Bonkers we went back to Gia's house for lunch.  Madison and Jackson were so excited to see all new toys!

You can see the height similarities in the picture below

Jackson and Max were having a kissing fest in the kitchen.  It was so funny.  Max kept going up to Jackson and kissing him.  We would react in a way that he liked so he kept doing it over and over.  Jackson thought it was funny too.  Unfortunately my camera was in the other room.  So later I asked Jackson to kiss Max but Max wouldn't put down his cup so Jackson kissed the cup.

Maddie and Jackson didn't want to leave but it was time for naps for everyone!

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Wendy and Karen said...

Dude! I want to take Kylie to Bonkers. Looks like fun!

Another beautiful header to your blog. You've got a real flare for them.