Sunday, March 01, 2009

Our indoor playplace

Since finally getting Chris's car back last week I've been taking advantage of being able to go where I want to during the day.  I'd been dying to get back to the local maze/playplace that has a separate area for toddlers that is free.  The kids just love it and so do I.  They are completely self sufficient so I just sit and watch them run around.  I love that they still need a mommy fix and periodically come over to get some loves.

Jackson loves it when he finds a stray ball.  I think there is a ball pit somewhere in the building and occasionally one or more finds their way into the toddler area.  He now looks for them when we get there.

This is a wider view of the area.  I like it when there are other kids there because I really want Maddie and Jackson to interact with them.  It's also nice to socialize with the other moms.  They're usually very nice.  This day there was another set of boy/girl twins so we were chatting about the pregnancy experience and the weights when they were born.  Then she started talking about a woman she knew that just had boy/girl twins last Monday and was telling me how big they were.  My eyes just about popped out of my head since I also knew a woman who had boy/girl twins last Monday and they were very big (for twins of course).  Turns out it was the same lady.  It was a girl that lived in the neighborhood I grew up in that I reconnected with on facebook recently.

Jackson waiting for Maddie to come down the slide

There she is!

The only downside to the slide is that you get shocked when you touch the bolts.  It doesn't seem to phase Maddie but Jackson comes out clutching his hand and runs to me for a hug.

Maddie likes to hop and hop on these mats

Jackson very generously sharing a ball with Maddie

I was hoping to be able to go tomorrow (Monday) morning but since we're going to be buried under two feet of snow it looks like we'll be staying at home.


E, SS and the Little Man said...

I love Maddie's pigtails, and that last action shot. :) Looks like a fun place.

Shannon said...

They are getting so freakin' big! I love Maddie's hair too.